February 2024

Groundhog Day is celebrated on February 2nd.  A groundhog named Phil, living in Punxsutawney, PA, determines whether we will have 6 more weeks of winter, depending on seeing his shadow. Whether Phil’s customary performance determines our winter fate for the next few weeks or not, preparing for the seasonal changes that this time of year […]

January 2024

Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome to 2024! What is in store for you this year? Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and allow yourself to imagine. “New years” always bring the feeling of new beginnings. It’s a great time to reflect, restore, and react!  Are you going into this year imagining a glass half-full […]

December 2023

The holiday season has officially begun. Lights and decorations are already up in our neighborhoods, stores, and churches. Does that thought excite you or stress you? While external factors may contribute to the holiday season challenges, your perceptions and attitude significantly influence how you navigate and experience this time of year. Cultivating a positive and […]

October 2023

As the sweltering heat of a Tennessee summer gives way to the cool breezes of autumn, we can see and feel nature’s transformation. The fall season dances with colors and bountiful harvests. I love going to the farmer’s markets this time of year with their variety of pumpkins, squashes, and cider choices, all from local […]

September 2023

Late August and early September signify the earth element in Chinese medicine. Why is it important to know this information? Following a Macrobiotic lifestyle, we follow seasonal eating patterns to support our best health. Respecting seasonal changes, with adjustments in selecting food and how to prepare it seasonally, has proven to be the best medicine for prevention […]

August 2023

Tuesday night, August 1, was a gorgeous full moon. Did you see it? Did you feel it? I always feel my energy shift before I realize it’s a full moon. Full moons make me feel energized and creative, and my mood is always lifted.  This year, during August, we get to experience 2 full moons.The first August moon is identified by its reddish […]

July 2023

Summer is in full swing! It is the time of year when most plans include travel, outside activities … maybe water-related. This is the energy of Summertime – abundant, hot, and lively. And there is no denying the July summer heat has arrived here in Nashville.  Our body craves shade, water, cooling foods, and drink. Emotionally we crave socializing and want to […]

June 2023

Summer is one of my favorite seasons.Nature feels alive with activity and energy.  In Traditional Chinese medicine, we learn about the elements of nature. There are 5 phases. Each phase pertains to a season and is associated with certain body organs and emotions. Summer is ruled by the fire element and is the most yang of the […]

May 2023

May, the last month of the spring season, means we are still highlighting springtime. You can enjoy more outdoor activities as the days get warmer and longer–the benefits are many. Pick the cooler time of day and allow the sun to nourish your skin by providing vitamin D. Let the air purify your lungs with […]

April 2023

Two redbuds are blooming brightly in my yard. They withstood the storms and the late snowfalls and are now showing themselves through their beautiful color. Just like the redbud, I withstood a long winter and now embrace and enjoy springtime’s splendor. Our bodies mimic nature. Just as nature goes inward to rest and restore before it can flourish in its abundant bloom, so do we. […]

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