December 2023

The holiday season has officially begun. Lights and decorations are already up in our neighborhoods, stores, and churches. Does that thought excite you or stress you?

While external factors may contribute to the holiday season challenges, your perceptions and attitude significantly influence how you navigate and experience this time of year. Cultivating a positive and mindful approach can create a more enjoyable and less stressful holiday season. Three words come to mind to help navigate these emotions.


Being flexible and adaptable can reduce stress. Recognize that not everything will go as planned, and it’s okay to adjust your expectations or plans if needed.


Focusing on what you’re grateful for can shift your perspective. Take time to appreciate the positive aspects of the holiday season, whether it’s spending time with loved ones, enjoying festive decorations, or engaging in meaningful traditions.


Prioritizing self-care during the holiday season is essential. Taking breaks, getting enough rest, and engaging in activities that bring you joy, can help manage stress levels. What is your de-stressing outlet?

Even though it is the season of doing and giving, allowing others to do for you, is also significant in making you feel nurtured and appreciated. This action falls under all three categories.

On the You Can Heal You Facebook page I shared the importance of doing one nurturing thing for yourself such as drinking miso soup once per day and the benefits that you will reap. Be sure to check it out. One way to support self-care this month is by attending to our body’s organ’s seasonal needs. December 21st is the winter solstice. In Chinese medicine, it signifies that the kidneys, adrenals, bladder, and sexual reproductive system are in a heightened state of activation. They store our energy essence, called jing, prana, or vitality. These organ systems provide resilience and longevity.

In this month’s cooking class, I will outline the physical and emotional care necessary for optimum kidney and adrenal function. I will also be demonstrating how to prepare a festive and healthy meal. Join us on December 9th at 9:30 am CST for an educational class and savory lunch.

With gratitude,


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