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January 1, 2018

January 2018

Happy New Year everyone! There is something refreshing, hopeful and enthusiastic about a “new” anything. The energy that the word “new” carries gives power to possibilities and imagination. New can also be a ...

January 1, 2018

Cooking Class JAN 2018

The Holiday Rush is over and we are left with the bliss of good food, family fun and social activities that both excite us and exhaust our energy reserves.  The body also uses fuel in order to keep us warm in the cold weather. Its time ...

January 1, 2018

Mobile Macro Meals Club: JAN 2018

Deliveries will  begin January 4, 2018 (Please Join by January 2nd)  Club Member Testimonials: Thanks very much to you, Virginia, Niles, and everyone involved in creating and delivering these fabulous healing meals. Mary Nell Bryan It ...

January 1, 2018

Save the Date: JAN 2018

January 2018  6th- Power up for the New Year-  Ryoko Suzuki and Virginia M. Harper 8th- Virginia celebrates another year of living healthfully! 10th- Virginia is keynote speaker at Lemon Lane in ...

January 1, 2018

Community: JAN 2018

Nashville Integrative Health Connecting Integrative Practitioners & Wellness Professionals For more information contact Emily 540-604-0510. _______________________________________________________ Welcome to Facebook YCHY ...


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