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You Can Heal You

Fresh and Delicious Macrobiotic Meals Prepared for Weekly Delivery

Virginia Harper, author of Controlling Crohn’s the Natural Way and founder of You Can Heal You, is pleased to present a weekly and bi-weekly healing meal plan for delivery.  Now you and your family and friends can conveniently enjoy high-quality, seasonal, macrobiotic meals prepared fresh.

Mobile Macro Meals Club was established in 1997 and is a long-standing enterprise focused on serving the Nashville community. Our menus, dishes, ingredients, and other content items of our site reflect Virginia’s passion to nourish and educate. Through her own healing experience, she found that each meal, when prepared intentionally and conscientiously, offers immune-building properties to rebuild the microbiome and the nutritional raw materials the body utilizes to return to homeostasis. We understand our participant’s health concerns and strive to provide savory healing dishes.

You Can Heal You

What’s in a Meal?

  • Each meal consists of four courses prepared fresh on each delivery day.  We create the courses with the intention of representing major plant-based food groups such as proteins (tempeh, tofu, legumes, etc.), starches (gluten-free whole grains, noodles, etc.), vegetables (fresh seasonal vegetables), and soup (Miso based; light stews, purees).  Variety is expressed by creative food combinations, health-supportive seasonings, and a rainbow of vegetable choices.
  • The character of the meals changes seasonally as we respect nature’s timely bounty!  Each daily menu is carefully designed to meet the dietary standards we stand for: digestive friendly, anti-inflammatory, and glycemic conscious. Each recipe is prepared in a peaceful environment with intention, love and care.

You Can Heal You

What We Emphasize

  • Macro — Our dishes are conceived and prepared according to general macrobiotic principles, which takes everything into account: our location, the time of year, local availability, and peaceful cooking environment.
  • Organic — We will use only organic, quality foods whenever possible.
  • Local — We acquire whatever we can from local sources such as local farms, CSAs and our own gardens.
  • Fresh — We strive to use only the freshest available ingredients and to cook everything on the day the food will be consumed.
  • Balanced — All our dishes amount to a nutritionally and energetically balanced approach to diet…while being digestive friendly, blood sugar stable and alkalizing.

You Can Heal You

What’s the Availability?

We currently offer meals for delivery or pickup every Monday and Thursday.  We also have a rotating selection of snacks and treats.

You Can Heal You

How Do I Join?

Please visit for details.

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