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The efficacy of Self-care is impacted by Self-knowledge

You Can Heal You

Macrobiotic Decoded

You Can Heal You

Gut Emergency Guide

If you are considering the gut emergency guide, it’s because you might be in a situation that either feels like an oncoming flare-up or you are in the middle of a flare-up. These remedies are gentle but effective.
Follow the directions carefully and take them as instructed. You should feel relief or some positive effect even after one preparation.
Remember you are using food as medicine therefore, consistency is the key to successful results. You can’t hurt yourself, but you can overdo so listen to your body and see how you feel. The frequency will be determined by your need.
For example, the duration of the remedy’s effects is the guide to how often to administer it.
These are evidence-based and traditional remedies proven through time and practice.
My wish is for you to benefit from these gut-supportive recipes as much as I did!

You Can Heal You

Cutting Technique and More

Cutting is an art that requires patience and skill to master. This class teaches the importance of certain cutting styles to cooking, presentation, and taste. Good quality knives and wooden cutting boards are essential tools needed for cutting.

You Can Heal You

Introduction to the Thinkific courses.


Welcome to our educational platform. 

These courses emerged from the desire to educate people who have launched into a healing lifestyle.  

To understand the basic concept of the “why”, “how’, “what”, and “when”of thc energetic and nutritional concepts will increase efficacy and help make the life change manageable.  

My counseling is based on individualized, guided coaching. What gives the program sustainability is your understanding of how it works. The efficacy of self-care is impacted by self-knowledge. 

Everything I teach comes from my 35 years of personal experience and from working with thousands of people— these experiences and knowledge I make accessible to you. 

I remember vividly with my healing that when the symptoms went away and the diseases healed, I wanted to know why so I would not repeat the patterns  that instigated my body to create those diseases. 

My intention with this platform is to “feed” you concepts that will enhance your daily self-care practice and give you the confidence to move past the rudimentary instructions and the basic healing recipes to discover the vibrancy of health.  

The discovery of your health code through daily practice and observation will allow you to flow through your day with your new / found self-care habits.  Conscious choices and intentioned living will make you the manager of your health, not your disease. 

Living vibrantly can be achieved…one meal at a time.  

Living vibrantly is putting knowledge into action. 

If you know how to care for yourself, you can be a better version of yourself.

I invite you to visit this page often to see the new course additions. Each class is supported with a live Q&A session that is scheduled monthly.   

When your registration is received by us, you will be scheduled accordingly. 

You Can Heal You

Our Online Courses

All our courses are made and hosted by the platform THINKIFIC to offer you the best experience with online courses. Below is a list of all our courses.

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