You Can Heal You

Healing Lifestyle Training

Healing Lifestyle Training

This 10-day Private Residential Intensive Program will teach you how you can create your own personal healing lifestyle and learn to reverse, prevent, and live without auto-immune conditions such as Crohn’s/Colitis

10 Day Residential Stay

The Healing Lifestyles Training Program (HLT) was developed by Virginia Harper during her 30-year experience of successfully reversing digestive disease. This hands-on residential program provides a healing environment in which you have the opportunity to experience the results as you learn. The program is designed to guide and teach each you the necessary healing tools to empower you with the responsibility of self care.

Each Client Receives

Personal Consultation

  • A consultation is a necessity for evaluating the body’s weaknesses and conditions. Virginia is an experienced counselor with the ability to target your health conditions and design a therapeutic approach to eliminate harmful illnesses from your body.
  • Arrival and departure photos

HLT Workbook

  • Personalized information
  • Class Outline
  • Daily Progression Logs
  • Menu Planning
  • Handouts
  • Recipes

Room and Board

  • Comfortable room with bedding and towels provided

Three Meals Per Day

  • Meals will be prepared according to individual needs
  • Hands on participation encouraged
  • Menu planning

Personalized Therapies

  • Remedies
  • Body/energy work
  • Detox routine
  • Exercise

Other Important Information

Daily Evaluation

  • Personal time with Virginia
  • Review Progression Logs
  • Evaluation of progress

Outlined Personalized Protocol

  • Exit Evaluation
  • Two-week menu plan with recipes
  • Daily and weekly action outline
  • Instructions on one month coaching
  • Exit picture

Expected Goal Attained (dependent on each participants compliance)

  • You will experience noticeable results, gain the confidence to apply and to continue to create a healing lifestyle in your own home environment and you will learn the necessary tools to detect and prevent flare ups!
  • You will leave feeling educated in the workings of the digestive system- what breaks it down, what rebuilds it and how to maintain a healthy microbiome environment.
  • You will continue with coaching support for one month afterwards through phone calls, email, Skype, zoom and progression logs.


  • $600 per Day
  • Companion rate is $300 per day
    **Travel expenses not included and are client’s responsibility.

Extra Services

  • Extra Coaching- $280/month
  • Follow-Up: A 1-hour evaluation of health status and recommendations. Cost $250.

Payment Policy

  • We accept cash, check, money order or credit card payments.
  • To register, $100 is required as a non- refundable deposit with the signed contract to hold reservation. The balance is due one week before arrival date with completed questionnaire.

Cancellation Policy

  • Less than one-week notice: the total payment less the deposit is
    credited for future use. No cash refunds.

Daily Classes

Theory – the what:

  • philosophy of food energetics
  • understanding the laws of balance
  • emotional component of illness

Lifestyle – the why:

  • Creating the best energy for daily life
  • Daily habits: breathing, chewing, body movement, mental attitude, manifesting your dreams etc.

Cooking – the how:

  • The importance of Daily Progression Logs
  • Kitchen Equipment and Care
  • Macrobiotic Glossary  ofTerms/ Shopping List
  • Cutting Techniques
  • Condiments, Snacks
  • Medicinal Remedies
  • Power of Grains
  • Cooking Methods
  • Menu Planning

Personal Education/Support

  • Taking responsibility to participate and self educate
  • Available Resources
  • Creating support system

About the Instructor

Virginia Harper is a 30-year survivor of Crohn’s disease. After suffering for 7 years, in and out of hospitals, moving through many harsh medicines and facing ileostomy, Virginia experienced total remission and healing when she learned proper digestive care through food and lifestyle change. She developed the hands-on residential program called Healing Lifestyle Training Retreats that has helped thousands regain digestive health.

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