June 2024

We usually associate February with the heart season because we consider it the month we celebrate love.

But in macrobiotics, we begin to focus on the heart right about now, as we enter the summer months. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are taught that seasonal changes influence the function of our organ systems through a system called the 5-element theory. This theory emphasizes the importance of supporting specific organs during different times of the year to maintain balance and health. By being aware and respectful, we learn to be supportive and make our body’s transition from season to season easier. 

Summertime is associated with the Fire element, and the heart and small intestine are its associated organs. This means that these two organ systems work together energetically, particularly at this time of year. The heart governs blood circulation and houses the spirit, while the small intestine separates the pure from the impure in digestion.

In the macrobiotic lifestyle, the health of the heart and small intestines are suggested to be considered and supported through food choices and cooking styles during this time of year.

In this month’s cooking class, I will focus on the health of the heart, both physically and emotionally, and how it influences our bodily functions. I will also discuss the small intestine’s influence on the heart and how to best nourish it for total body health.

 This might include practices like:

  1. Eating cooling foods: Consuming foods that have cooling properties, such as watermelon, cucumber, and mint, to help balance the body’s internal heat during the warm summer months.
  2. Staying hydrated: Since the heart is closely linked to circulation, adequate hydration is essential for supporting its function. Drinking plenty of water helps maintain blood volume and circulation.
  3. Mind-body practices: Engaging in activities like meditation or qi gong to help calm the mind and support the spirit.
  4. Moderating emotions: TCM associates the heart with emotions, particularly joy. It suggests avoiding excessive emotional extremes and cultivating a sense of inner peace and harmony. Something as simple as learning to breathe deeply and thoroughly chew your food can do a lot to calm chaos.

In my own practice, I found that the more I learned how to self-care in a conscious and intentional way, the more I was able to mitigate symptoms that show up as my body transitions from season to season.

As you know, my focus and passion are helping you learn and discover your body health code. Information is the key. The classes I provide are intended to educate you on self-care, so you learn how you can heal you! 

Join us for the June 15th cooking class at 9.30 am on Saturday for a delicious intro into summer. Come and learn what symptoms to look for, understand the changes, and implement a game plan for yourself.

My best,


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We usually associate February with the heart season because we consider it the month we celebrate love. But in macrobiotics,

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