March 2024

I am writing this month’s newsletter from the balcony of the MSC ship line, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in the Caribbean. The water is clear and goes as far as the eye can see. The sun is beating down, making glimmering diamond shapes dance on top of the water. This sight alone makes me sigh and release stress. This is the 19th year that Holistic Holiday at Sea has hosted the macrobiotic vegan cruise. Our group consisted of 1800 passengers, including our cooks.

This cruise is unlike any other. It features three healthy meals a day, renowned speakers and influencers in holistic health (including yours truly), and a “survivor” panel where people share their healing miracles. Needless to say, I walk off the ship refreshed, relaxed, and inspired! Check it out here 

It is gratifying to see how strongly the message of natural self-care is being emphasized. In a society where the dependency on chemical drugs has become the default answer, and we are engulfed in environmental toxins in our air, water, and land, the emphasis has to be on daily self-management. One of the hot topics was the importance of liver health, its cleansing, and its support for overall health restoration and vitality. 

The liver is about the size of a football and weighs about three pounds when fully grown. It is located behind the ribcage on the upper right side of the body. It holds about one pint of blood at any given time and filters it before returning it to the body.

In macrobiotics, we learn that each season supports the rebooting of certain organ systems. Springtime is the time of year when the liver and gallbladder get rebooted, and a liver cleanse and tune-up would be most beneficial. 

In this month’s cooking class, I will focus on the main aspects of the liver, such as its influence on us physically and emotionally. I will discuss cleanses, the best foods, and cooking styles for optimum liver care. The meal prep and menu will be liver-specific, with a tasty lunch to enjoy.

Invite a friend and join us in person (spaces are limited) or by streaming, on Saturday, March 30th, at 9:30 a.m.  reserve your spot here

 ~ Virginia

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