November 2020

The beauty of fall is all around us. The colors and the fluctuation in weather are consistent with the changing of the season.  The environment may be familiar, like every other year, but the atmosphere carries a distinct difference. As the seasonal energy brings us back inside our homes, our emotions may begin to feel unsettled. The sense of freedom we felt during the Spring and Summer, being somewhat released from our quarantine, is now gone. 

Before these unsettled feelings turn into anxiety, let’s put things into perspective. Just as nature is resilient,  as it shifts from one season to another, we too can shift, easing into a new phase, we too can thrive with the change. Embrace the menagerie of color as green turns to orange, brown, red, and yellow. Nature is the best teacher.

What tools have you put in place to manage up to now? You have managed to create a new normal, whether you were aware of it or not. This is the new reality, a new perspective, for you to use, to move forward.

Changes are difficult sometimes, but I have found that when I can focus on future possibilities instead of dwelling on what can’t be, I change the intention. The victim mentality is muted and the empowered-self is both lifted and becomes proactive. Operating from this energetic foundation fuels my positive intentions. Resilience is a part of my nature. I can create the autumn experience I want.

According to Chinese studies, it is our gut that houses our emotional core and should be nurtured this time of year. Balanced foods and emotional self-care creates the trajectory for successful adjustments to the change in season. The partner organ system to the large intestines is the lungs. The lungs’ emotional expression is through our moods, from elation to depression.  Good circulation from oxygen-promoting foods and physical activities, serve as the best healers. Therefore, as you settle indoors don’t settle down on your activities. Pull the mini-trampoline back into your living area, and use the hula hoop or do DO-IN self -massage. These activities will not only get the oxygen moving but also release “happy” hormones. Goodness knows we need an abundance of those!

In this month’s cooking class, I will be outlining the physical and emotional changes to be aware of, as the fall seasonal weather sets in.  

Nurturing the core to warm the whole body, with health-giving energy and vibrancy, is the goal for this transitional weather month.

The menu will be festive for the palate and the senses. It is time to move into the holiday spirit, and introducing a healthy thanksgiving meal is the way to start!

Happy Fall!


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