April 2022

Happy, Glad and Mad are all liver-induced emotions. Where are you on the emotional scale? 

The Spring season stimulates the liver and when the liver is congested, emotions are expressed.

Spring is blooming and our bodies are also opening up and discharging the effects of heavy winter eating. Movement is evident and so is the feeling of productivity, especially with outside activities.

The liver and gallbladder are more active this time of year according to Chinese medicine, therefore it’s time to support these two hard-working organ systems both physically and emotionally. 

The foods that are the best support are the green leafy vegetables.  Add a little lemon and you have a powerful liver tonic.

In this month’s class, I will teach about green leafy vegetables – their benefits and the best cooking methods that enhance their taste and release their nutritional magic.

Reset your health, yourself, and your mind for a healthy spring.


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