Cancer Workshop: August 2017

Understanding Cancer and Macrobiotics

August 13, 2017

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In this workshop you will learn about conditions that foster the development of cancer and also how to create conditions that are most conducive to its prevention and remission. You will learn the importance of food choices, combination and preparation necessary to create a healing internal environment.

Recent “You Can Heal You” client experiences:

• Client 1: After 9 weeks on the macrobiotic protocol, my 2 liver spots have shrunk 50 percent. There is evidence that the cancer in the spine is trying to heal and my stomach is not inflamed!

• Client 2: After 3 months on the macrobiotic protocol, my MRI showed the fibroids appear to be gone or dying!

Three fun ways to participate:
1. Cooking Class w/Lunch, Lecture and Q&A $65/person
2. Lecture and Q&A Sunday on August 13th 2pm-3.30pm – $30
3. Cooking Class or Live Stream Only (see below)

Live Stream available $20
Call 615-249-8287 for registration and details by Thursday, August 10th or register at

Greg Samples is a Tennessee native with a degree in psychology from the University of Tennessee. He has practiced, taught and counseled macrobiotics for the last 30 years with positive results for almost every common affliction experienced in modern America. His teaching on the connection of cancer, food and healing is clear and concise.

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