Pot Luck: August 2017

Dr. Brent Davis Farm
August 12, 2017 2:00 pm
Picnic and Swimming


I40 West (towards Memphis) – Wide open driving – about 1 hour 20 min from Nashville
Take offramp exit 143, turn left (South) and cross over interstate. Set odometer to zero
Travel South about 7.8 miles to just BEFORE “hamlet” of Lobelville, will see welcome to Lobelville sign just before rise that starts up to town.
On the left there is large PRODUCE sign, turn left at this sign which is a dogleg turn that takes you over a bridge. Set odometer to zero. Go about 2.6 miles to next turn off.
At end of bridge turn right and stay to the right at every junction, always right and you can’t get lost.
At about 2.6 miles you will see a portable saw mill operation on the right and a little dirt road marked “Cottonwood Lane” turn right there. Cross over bridge and stay to the right which loops around a hill. Keep going on that road about 1/2 mile and you enter my farm. Continue up to house and pond.
Cell phones do not work very well out here, so you can’t call for help!! Follow these directions and you shouldn’t need any. From the interstate to the house is about 12-15 minutes.

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