August 2017

August is known as the steamy month here in Nashville. But as late August approaches, energy shift is felt as the weather begins to change and our focus turns to more schedules, organization and commitments. During the month of August we begin to wrap up our summer activities. Our play time lessens as we begin to create order for ourselves. The summer lethargy lifts as we get refreshed by the cooling weather. Traditional Chinese Medicine principles teach us that the late summer organs activate as we make the transition. These organs are the spleen and stomach.
I have a new appreciation for the spleen in particular as I learn of its great influence and balancing ability, for the body’s overall function both physically and emotionally. Physically the spleen is known as “the function of digestion”. A sluggish spleen can give you poor digestion, flabbiness, chronic tiredness, nausea, insensitive taste buds, loose stools, abdominal distension, easy bruising, and dry lips. Emotionally a sluggish spleen leads to apathy, anxiety, worry, obsessive thoughts and more.
A healthy Spleen and digestive system encourages people to be practical, caring, self-reliant and creative. Skills that are essential to get our needs met.
Getting needs met is about proactivity in personal health care.
Our needs are brought into focus quickly when we experience a health challenge– in particular with cancer. Cancer still the most feared diagnosis…and rightly so as the statistics show that 1 in 3 people are victims.
My August cooking class will focus on the super food choices and preparation to aid the body in combating cancer cells. I will demonstrate which foods in particular are needed for “Spleen Cleaning” to support an inner healing environment.
The lecture, by guest presenter Greg Samples, will educate about conditions that foster the development of cancer as well as how to create new cellular programing for remission and prevention.

Join us on Sunday August 13th for this very educational workshop that will help lessen the fear and magnify confidence in your healing potential.


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