September: 2017

In the aftermath of the eclipse, the conversations and excitement about the experience is still being described as awesome from those who were lucky enough to have been able to witness it. To me, those 2 minutes were about yin moon energy and yang sun energy lining up perfectly. It takes powerful energy for that balanced alignment to occur.

I can’t help but to compare the power involved in this natural occurrence, to the power we, as humans, can muster up to create change when pushed to our limits. That same power is what can bring us to our state of balance.

Change is inevitable and when you are ill, the change you choose can mean vital life or mere survival.

September is considered a transitional month -we move out of summer into the fall season. We begin to put our summer clothes away and bring out our warmer garments. Our schedule becomes more structured …It is a month of change.

When you live consciously and make the changes intentionally, you can better control your health outcome. In Chinese Medicine we learn that the Spleen, Stomach and Pancreas are organ systems influenced during this time of year. One of the many jobs these organ systems manage is the balance of blood sugar. By stabilizing our blood sugar, we feel calmer, settled and more grounded. From this vantage point we can make better choices and experience a more balanced life.

Just like the moon and sun being in total alignment, we can experience alignment in our lives simply by paying attention to what lifestyle support is needed during our transitions.

Slow down and be present. Attend cooking classes to learn what food preparations and combinations are best for late summer meals.



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