Cooking Class: Sept 2017

Seasonal Cooking Class

September 9,2017
Lunch will be served

Considered the fifth season, late summer brings on the feeling of ending and new beginnings.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is known as the earth element. The earth element influences the Stomach and Spleen in particular. This time of the year is particularly important to those with digestive disturbances.
If you have, ongoing or even occasional, digestive troubles this is the class for you.
By improving digestion, you improve the body’s functionality

Join Virginia as she cooks and demonstrates a late summer menu that will not only satisfy your palate but help stabilize sugar, recalibrate metabolism and strengthen immunity.

Cauliflower Rice Pilaf
Sweet Green Cabbage with pickled beets
Root Nishime with Tempeh
Chunky Apples with Kuzu sauce

$40.00 pre-registration
$45 At the Door

NOW, you don’t have to miss the cooking class because of bad weather, lack of a babysitter, or whatever other reason that may keep you home. JOIN US ONLINE……for a LIVE STREAM, from the comfort of your very own computer.
You can watch Virginia demonstrate the dishes step by step, participate in the lecture and interact with the live audience.

$20 Live Stream

Live Stream Testimonial

Every thing worked very well and I’m SO PLEASED to have been able to participate from afar.
New Jersey

I learned so much from this class! Glad I was able to join remotely from New Jersey. It was SO delicious! Can’t wait for next month!
New Jersey
Cooking Class


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