Cooking Class: 2/10/18

February 10, 2018
9:30 am-12:30 pm
(Lunch Included)

I had so much fun preparing for this class. Nabe or Nabemono cooking is a fun and social way of cooking . Once the prep work is done everyone pitches in for the cooking. The word Nabe means cooking pot and mono means ingredients. In Japan this is a popular dish served during the cold winter months. It is served table side and communally.
The cooking pots are generally beautifully made of clay. Its a wonderful feast of color and presentation between the food and the cooking vessel.
I am happy to say you can find a variety of Nabe clay pots at our own Health Goods Store to enjoy using.
In this class you will learn the flavorful sauces for dipping as well as the technique for making the broth.
I have chosen ingredients that will compliment flavors but also support the kidney energy as we push through February’s reminder of winter.

I will also give a demonstration of the ever popular Instapot. Americas answer to quick and easy cooking… finally got nutritious!

Spaces limited so save your seat early.


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