Author: May Salloum

Dear Virginia, 

I am writing to let you know how much my family and I truly have done to heal our sick son Jacob. As you know, Jacob was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in (insert date). Relying on potent drugs was all we could do to alleviate the pain. But these drugs did not work very well, and came with their side effects, which Jacob could not tolerate, so I frantically searched for another way. 

I had a feeling that this disease had everything to do with food…otherwise by people who went through 12 years of medical … researched, and tried every diet under the sun – SCD, Paleo…of his parents. I googled this on the web, and it led me to a … macrobiotic. After doing more research, I found you. And that (is when we started to) get his life back on track. 

The healing remedies that you have provided for Jake are … believe how fast his symptoms would just go away, sometimes…(not) even IV steroids worked that fast! Since we have seen you … (Jake’s) condition has improved tremendously. It is so amazing how…with what mother nature has provided for us. It makes so…done a tremendous service for us and for so many people. (It) works, it really works. You have to stick to it, and that is what … very courageous Virginia, please continue to be an inspiration… around the globe. We love you very much, and always wish …


My Very Best,