Author: Margaret Anderson

“Margaret Anderson: A truly amazing woman”

Margaret Anderson begins her day at 6am with an explosion of energy. Every day there is a 2 mile walk followed by gardening, mowing, sewing, flower arranging, yoga, the usual house work and macrobiotic cooking. She is always smiling whenever I see her in her garden. Margaret has a special appreciation for nature. She has a few plants that the birds have planted for her. Not many of us would be happy to see asparagus growing next to our rose bushes but Margaret thinks it is just fine. She calls this her “volunteer garden”. Margaret Anderson treasures every gift the birds bring her.

Sitting in her yard reminds me of a Disney movie. Hummingbirds flying happily to and fro, darling little yellow finches, birds of every description “hang out” at the Anderson’s. I have changed my attitude completely about gardening after visiting Margaret’s delightful yard. The most amazing thing was the cherry tomatoes that planted themselves among the flowers and the fact that Margaret left them there. Her plants are happy and healthy. 

Margaret is the mother of two sons ages 35 and 43. Son Allen is a paramedic with Williamson Medical Center and Fire Chief at College Grove Rescue Squad. Kenneth, her eldest son is a policeman in Columbia, TN and owns a gun shop there called Blue Knights. She is a grandmother, wife, and poet. A modern woman all the way, Margaret is also a yoga practitioner. Health and nutrition are an important aspect of her life; as she has not always been in perfect health. Two and a half years ago she was feeling poorly and went to the doctor. After several rounds of medication she was still not getting better. Mrs. Anderson consulted with her chiropractor, Dr. Pence, who in turn suggested that she visit Ginny Harper who is into macrobiotic cooking and shiatsu massage. After a few visits, Margaret noticed her energy coming back and her personality being revived. Today this very healthy energetic woman shares her herbal remedies, recipes and ideas with her friends.