Author: Lynn L

Hello Ginny,

Happy New Year! I hope 2006 finds you in good health and great spirits. Life is grand in Florida. We don’t have the Nashville sound but it’s hard to complain given the beaches are so beautiful. Please forgive the delay in writing. I will be forever grateful for your contribution to the healing process of my sister. Although she still has issues, largely due to the effects of years of prescriptive drugs and senseless surgeries, she is 200% better than she has ever been. She continues on her macrobiotic journey, a bit more committed than mine! We both may be on the (macrobiotic) cruise this year–she for the food, me for the cooking classes! It will be a last minute decision based on her “I don’t like being on a boat” attitude. I’m hopeful. I hope your life is full of people who bring you great joy!



Lynn L.