Happy New Year!

Welcoming a new year has always been an exciting time for me. With a bit of nostalgia, I bid 2016 goodbye, and welcome 2017.  It’s a cliché, I know, to say you have a clean slate, a new canvas in which to create, but that is how it feels. The energy of a new year surrounds us with feelings of new beginnings.

To shed, to let go and to purge what doesn’t work for us, is very cleansing. Sometimes this can be done quickly and sometimes it’s a process. The decision to create something new is healing on all levels. In reality every day is a new beginning.  It can also simply be, the expansion of a path we are already on. When it comes to our health and total wellbeing, it is that conclusive decision that opens up the possibility to make something new happen. It’s this action, which moves the process into the magnetic field that attracts support.

It is in this spirit of change, that January becomes the launch month. Join us, as we at You Can Heal You, provide you with the space to get empowered and supported as you launch!



January Specials

Celebrate Virginia’s Birthday….sign up for any January activities by the 8th and you will receive 10% off any You Can Heal You services!!! (excluding the residential program)

January Events & Activities

Seasonal Cooking Class

January 14th 9:30 – 12:30

The Holidays are over and what lingers are the happy memories and maybe a few extra pounds? Before you begin with new year’s resolution…attend this month’s cooking class to  get motivated and empowered with knowledge. Let superfoods do the work to create well being and weight balance….because…after all, its not just about loosing the extra pounds.

Superfoods for a  Super-start!
Kick start your metabolism and detox with superfoods.

In this class you will learn to identify the superfoods, their energetic and nutritional benefits.
Why they are called superfoods and what is the best way to prepare them to gain the most value.

Menu: (vegan, gluten free, soy free)

  • Immune boosting Miso Soup
  • Detoxing Greens
  • Energizing protein
  • Digestive supportive grains
  • Soothing Sweet

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Macro Friends Potluck

Saturday January 14th 6:30pm

Hosted by The Rasnick’s
RSVP: 615-249-8287

Dinner will be shared at 6.30pm. Bring a vegan dish that will serve at least 8 people.


Macro Meals Club…

Tuesdays and Thursdays January 5th- 31st

Visit the dedicated site for more information

See what’s on the menu!

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Email info@mobilemacromeals.com for additional information.

Beginners Shiatsu Class

January 16th 7pm – 9pm

Shiatsu means finger pressure. It is a Japanese word and like most Oriental massage techniques, the goal of Shiatsu is to restore the balance of the energy within the body. In this regard, it is similar to acupuncture. The basic idea is that health problems are caused when the flow of energy is blocked. Shiatsu Massage uses touch pressure to alter the condition within the body. In this 2 hour class Virginia will teach basic and safe techniques that you can practice at home. Shiatsu is known to help relieve tightness, headaches and pain mainly due to stress and energy blockages. The body flows better and more efficiently when blockages are released. Bring a friend, a yoga mat and towel. Come to learn, to experience, to practice and leave relaxed and stress free. $30/person $50/couple. Space is Limited so save your spot early.
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Looking Ahead ~ Save the Dates

There are some amazing opportunities available through YCHY and we’re busy identifying and planning more for you to enjoy in 2016! Please mark your calendar for these:

January 14th: Seasonal Cooking Class
January 14th: Macro Friends Potluck
January 22nd: Healers Retreat

February 5th: Family Health Forum
Febrauary 11th: Seasonal Cooking Class
February 11th: Macro Friends Potluck
February 1st, 8th, 22nd: Theory Classes  (7pm-9pm) Register and Pay

Creating community has always been a focus of mine, since the beginning of my healing journey. The road less traveled can be lonely sometimes, but when you do it with friends, it becomes much more enjoyable.  Keeping that in mind, please note the new section called “Community”. Here I will mention my favorite local health related activities. Please feel free to share with us any event that you feel will enhance our health minded community.

Macro Friends Potluck (Monthly)
Community acupuncture-sliding scale–with Joe Phiakhamta
Jan. 21st at Vitality 615-891-7500

Cooking Class with Sommer White MD. Jan. 7th615-891-7500


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Testimonials: An Introduction to You Can Heal You

Virginia’s Story

At the young age of 23 years old, Virginia was terminally ill and given little chance of surviving the medical diagnosis of Crohn’s disease and Takayasu Ateritis. As a result, she also suffered a stroke, and became depressed and bedridden.

In her desperate search, she learned about an inexpensive method of eating very simply that promised complete regeneration of her digestive system. After a few months on the program, Ginny went from death’s door completely symptom-free. This 180-degree reversal came after seven years of suffering the painful symptoms of digestive inflammation and with multiple hospital visits. The healing experience brought her knowledge about the workings of her body and the profound connection between all digestive illnesses and the food each person has been eating. The program also restored her body’s innate flexibility, her ability to have children (she went on to have two), and gave her back flexibility and a youthful appearance.

She went on to study this profound knowledge in order to help others. And for the last 20 years she has consulted with clients all over the world, including Europe, Canada, Russia, Australia, China and much of the US. Her focus is showing people that, contrary to what the doctors and current medical education has told them, they can *completely* cure their intestinal disease—regardless of the particular disease name they’ve been given. Ginny’s expertise is in facilitating healing of the digestive track at whatever stage or condition it is in. These principles compliment medical treatment and are compatible with all religions and cultures.

Recognized as one of the leading digestive counselors in the world, she is the author of the book Controlling Crohn’s Disease the Natural Way, now in its third edition. Virginia also founded the Ki of Life Learning Center, a nonprofit residential study house in 2003. She is the head nutritional counselor at the 5-star Sha Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain and works there 5 months every summer. She is active in educating on the prevention of Crohn’s and Colitis. She is a regular speaker at area universities and teaches in Canada, England and Spain.

There are two choices in healing yourself. Choose either the HEALING LIFESTYLES TRAINING, a 10-day Residential Program, or GETTING STARTED, a home-based Consultation Program.