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April Events & Activities

Inflammatory Bowel and Autoimmune Disease Workshop (Houston, TX):

Saturday: April 2, 10:00 AM

Informative all day workshop that will demystify inflammatory autoimmune conditions.
The workshop will begin at 10am with a lecture on Inflammatory Bowel and Autoimmune Disease by Virginia M. Harper. Virginia will also be giving a demonstration cooking class highlighting an anti-inflammatory menu.
Personal consultations will be available with Ms. Harper.

Contact Cheryl Luster for details, registration or questions.

Virginia Lecturing at Therapy in a Bin:

April 5, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Virginia will be speaking on the Brain and Gut Connection.
The importance of what and how you eat effects not your just your appetite.
Science is now aware that immune system, nervous system and brain supportive chemicals are influenced and monitored in the gut.
The way you feed your child can influence his cognition, his mood and his immune system.
Virginia will discuss how foods break down into the micro nutrients needed for optimal absorption and nutrition focusing on the importance of increasing phyto-nutrients in daily eating…how to “hide” them in your child’s favorite dishes.

Therapy in a Bin
4825 Trousdale Dr. Suite 218
Nashville, TN 37220
Phone: 615-832-4444

Contact for more information.


April 13th 11-1

Virginia will be participating as a vendor during this expo. Come out and support as she shares You Can Heal You!

Seasonal Cooking Class:

April 16th 9:30 – 12:30

As we welcome spring with open arms, we feel and see the changes in nature and in our bodies. We can feel the motivation for movement as the buds bloom all around us. Our bodies are ready to move more also. The easiest and most gentle yet effective exercise is deep breathing. Go outside in the crisp morning air and awaken your lungs with deep slow breaths that reach down to the abdomen. Then slowly exhale all the old stagnant air to make room for the freshness spring air affords us.
Green is the prominent color and so it should be also with our meals. Liver and gall bladder are the organ system being nurtured this time of year.
It is time to wipe off the dust off your juicer and bring it to life again. Treat yourself to 6oz. of a refreshing green juice few times a week as a snack…your liver will thank you.

This months seasonal cooking class will continue the focus on a liver friendly meal.
Last month’s Dandelion leek with pickled artichoke dish was a hit and I loved hearing from you how much you enjoyed preparing it.

Come and join us for another palate pleasing meal.

  • Split Pea Miso Soup with Mochi Croutons
  • Hato Mugi Barley Salad
  • Steamed Kale with Pickled Beets
  • Daikon Carrot Kimpura
  • Lemon Cream Pie

Register and Pay Now to Join Us.

Macro Friends Potluck

April 16th 6:30pm

A monthly get together for like minded friends who enjoy sharing a meal together. The meals are vegan. COME join us for fun, food, laughter and music. Bring your favorite dish to feed 8 people. Get inspired with sharing of recipes and recovery miracles.

106 Seminole Dr.
Franklin , Tn. 37069
RSVP by April 14th 615-646-2841

Chew on This…

. . . is a monthly class that focuses on specific topics of interest. This forum allows the participants to determine the direction of each class. From discussing a book of interest, to learning basic food energetics concepts, to cooking demonstrations. The goal of this one-hour class is to educate on health concepts, sharpen your self-care skills, stimulate your taste buds and help create comfort with cooking.

Topic for the April 20th class 10:00 – 11:00 “Love Your Liver”

The main job of the liver is to spread and regulate QI (energy flow) throughout the rest of the body. This is why the liver is one of the organs emphasized for spring. This lecture will focus on the physical and emotional aspects of liver health.

RSVP via email to Melanie Campanis by clicking here. Please RSVP before April 19th.

Mobile Macro Meals Club…

Enjoy Mobile Macro Meals delivered to your doorstep Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Visit the Mobile Macro Meals dedicated site for more information and the current menu!
Ready to Eat?… Click here to Pay for Meals Now!
Email for additional information.

Vitality Medical Wellness Center for
Conscious Healing is Now Open
in Bellevue

Vitality offers personalized health enhancing programs to individuals wishing to experience ultimate health. 

I am happy to be Director of Nutrition at Vitality working alongside Dr. Sommer White. Together we provide a focused integrative approach to wellness. To get to know Dr. White visit her website at: 

Come visit us at 125 Belle Forest Circle Nashville, 37221 615-891-7500 

I would love to show you the new place….Virginia 


Looking Ahead ~ Save the Dates

There are some amazing opportunities available through YCHY and we’re busy identifying and planning more for you to enjoy in 2016! Please mark your calendar for these:

February/March –
Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise, February 27 – March 5. We had a Wonderful Trip in 2016. Plan to join us next year (2017) March 11 – 18. Sign up now for early bird discounts. This is a relaxing and fun trip filled with educational opportunities.

June –
Excitement is continuing to build for the Eat, Paint, Write trip to Spain scheduled for June 2016. Click here to see a video of the 2015 trip.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Workshop in England. Date TBD.

July/August –
Kushi Institute Summer Conference, July 31 – August 14.

August/September –
Controlling Crohns and Colitis Workshop at Kushi Institute, August 28 – September 3.


Testimonials: An Introduction to You Can Heal You

Virginia’s Story

At the young age of 23 years old, Virginia was terminally ill and given little chance of surviving the medical diagnosis of Crohn’s disease and Takayasu Ateritis. As a result, she also suffered a stroke, and became depressed and bedridden.

In her desperate search, she learned about an inexpensive method of eating very simply that promised complete regeneration of her digestive system. After a few months on the program, Ginny went from death’s door completely symptom-free. This 180-degree reversal came after seven years of suffering the painful symptoms of digestive inflammation and with multiple hospital visits. The healing experience brought her knowledge about the workings of her body and the profound connection between all digestive illnesses and the food each person has been eating. The program also restored her body’s innate flexibility, her ability to have children (she went on to have two), and gave her back flexibility and a youthful appearance.

She went on to study this profound knowledge in order to help others. And for the last 20 years she has consulted with clients all over the world, including Europe, Canada, Russia, Australia, China and much of the US. Her focus is showing people that, contrary to what the doctors and current medical education has told them, they can *completely* cure their intestinal disease—regardless of the particular disease name they’ve been given. Ginny’s expertise is in facilitating healing of the digestive track at whatever stage or condition it is in. These principles compliment medical treatment and are compatible with all religions and cultures.

Recognized as one of the leading digestive counselors in the world, she is the author of the book Controlling Crohn’s Disease the Natural Way, now in its third edition. Virginia also founded the Ki of Life Learning Center, a nonprofit residential study house in 2003. She is the head nutritional counselor at the 5-star Sha Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain and works there 5 months every summer. She is active in educating on the prevention of Crohn’s and Colitis. She is a regular speaker at area universities and teaches in Canada, England and Spain.

There are two choices in healing yourself. Choose either the HEALING LIFESTYLES TRAINING, a 10-day Residential Program, or GETTING STARTED, a home-based Consultation Program.