February 2024

Groundhog Day is celebrated on February 2nd.  A groundhog named Phil, living in Punxsutawney, PA, determines whether we will have 6 more weeks of winter, depending on seeing his shadow. Whether Phil’s customary performance determines our winter fate for the next few weeks or not, preparing for the seasonal changes that this time of year […]


We are currently trying macrobiotics: a change of food has provided some initial relief from the pain. The meditation and soft music is relaxing. The tape of “how to chew your food” is an excellent way of slowing someone down and getting them to digest most of the meal before it hits the intestines and they have to do all the difficult work!


I want to thank you for the delicious cookies that you gave me for Valentine’s day. Me and my family ate some and we all thought they were better than anything in the world. And I want to tell you that I love macrobiotic food more than anything.

November 2020

The beauty of fall is all around us. The colors and the fluctuation in weather are consistent with the changing of the season.  The environment may be familiar, like every other year, but the atmosphere carries a distinct difference. As the seasonal energy brings us back inside our homes, our emotions may begin to feel […]

August 2020

We recognize August as the last month of the summer.  The signal that summer is ending used to be the beginning of the school year.  Now due to the many changes that have challenged the normality of life as we know it, even that event does not serve as a clear sign anymore. In my past […]

July 2020

  July, here in America, represents “freedom”, and so we celebrate on the 4th, with a focus on our liberties and the pursuit of happiness with the importance of maintaining them both.  Don’t worry I am not going political on you we have other venues for that.           My focus is […]

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