October 2017

I love October ….but there was a time I didn’t. I used to dread this transitional season that we call fall. 

For most people, it means the end of warm weather, relief from the hot humid summer, and the beginning of cooler weather. But, for me, it meant a lot of uneasiness and the yearly onset of bowel trouble. It began slowly and then finally escalated by end of November.

For seven years I suffered with inflammatory bowel disease -that oddly enough –  attacked me during this time of the year and then seem to let up sometime after winter. It wasn’t until I understood, through the studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Macrobiotic principles, the important  environmental influences that seasonal changes have on our body’s function. For example, fall is considered Lung and Large Intestine time, according to TCM. This is when these paired organs are most sensitive and active. Because I had a weakness in my intestines, my body would be most sensitive to triggers during this time of year.

Once I changed my lifestyle to one of digestive support, through the preparation and eating of quality whole foods and learning how to eat properly, the triggers were no longer triggers. For example; sit when you eat, chew your food and don’t drink while you eat, are a few of the basics.

Now, for me, each October is about the beauty of the season, the enjoyment of the cool crisp weather, and the adjustment of my cooking and eating to support those changes. My body flows from summer to fall easily and asymptomatic.   

It’s amazing what knowledge can do to improve our health. In my case it moved me from a life of pain and chronic illness to a place of self awareness and self responsibility.  This is why I want to encourage you to take time to learn and to add to your knowledge bank. I am just one example among many that have found relief and freedom from illness and pain through investing time in learning.

My life’s work has been dedicated to teaching people how to better their health through You Can Heal You programs. The hands on approach used in YCHY method helps build confidence in self care with life long results. Sometimes healing can be a lonely road. To commune in learning, is always more effective and fun. My job becomes easier when  is support, and your healing journey becomes more enjoyable as you share with others.  As Nashville and its surrounding areas grow, I realize this need.  One of my passions continues to be in creating community. 

Through local cooking classes, potlucks and lectures these needs are being realized. Many of you took advantage in August, of returning guest lecturer  Greg Samples, who spoke on Macrobiotics and Cancer.

Now we are happy to help sponsor, on October 12- 14, another returning guest lecturer, Warren Kramer (See below).

Warren is presenting a 3-day workshop focused on how to understand and adjust to changes so we can age gracefully. He will explain and focus on the everyday activities that will help release stress and enhance natural beauty. Warren practices what he teaches so he speaks from experience…this is obvious upon meeting him.

For details on how to register in this “enhance your life” community activity go to www.healthgoods.com


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