In May we wrap up the spring energy. Some days are filled with the tease of summer heat to come. Nothing marks the celebration of spring like the European tradition of the MayPole dance. The celebration of fertility and life. All we have to do is look around and appreciate nature’s blanket of color as proof of that.
Our daily meals should also reflect more color as our vegetable gardens begin to sprout with the promise of its bounty. Our taste and cravings evolve from long cooking to shorter cooking methods, from stew dishes to lighter salads.
Our body needs to be supported as it opens and lightens up. Energy emphasis continues on liver/gallbladder being the spring organ for tuneup. The liver is a major player when it comes to influencing blood quality for circulation. Circulation of healthy blood through out our bodies is determined by the heart. In Traditional Chinese medicine we understand that summer time influences the heart and small intestines. In this month’s lecture and cooking class, Virginia will teach how to transition food choices and cooking methods from spring cooking to summer cooking.

Come and enjoy the tasty results.


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