March 2018

As I returned from the annual macro/vegan cruise, I have been reminded the importance of weather and the seasonal energy influences on our bodies. From basking in 80degree sunny weather to rainy and cooler temperatures, my body felt the immediate change. It was wonderful and regenerating to have a break from the cold.  To feel my energy rise and break through the stagnant insulation brought on by winter.

In TCM we learn that each season harbors an energetic influence that affects different organ systems. The Liver is the organ related to spring energy. … The Liver is responsible for maintaining the smooth flow of Qi and blood. The liver’s partner in life flow is the gallbladder. When these two systems are supported and balanced through the spring, the entire body will benefit and it sets up a strong foundation to function well for the rest of the year.
The liver is our strongest filtering organ, therefore like any filter it needs to be cleaned and maintained.
Join me in for cooking classes in March where the liver is the focus.
I will discuss the best ways to cleanse whether it be from excessive medications, toxin exposure to emotional overload. The emotions harbored in the liver are intense that is why it’s often referred to as a hot liver.
The liver can be happy or explosive in a moments time. To support and calm the liver and get it in shape will also help tone up the other organs to withstand the filtering process of the liver.
Did you know that simply choosing the right color to wear and choosing colorful vegetables prepared in specific cooking methods can make a difference to the liver?
Keeping your liver happy and vital as we move into spring will set you up for a smooth transition.
Enjoy a honey mint tea, perfect to help excess heat energy release.



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