July 2020

  July, here in America, represents “freedom”, and so we celebrate on the 4th, with a focus on our liberties and the pursuit of happiness with the importance of maintaining them both.  Don’t worry I am not going political on you we have other venues for that.

          My focus is more on personal freedom from pain and disease, both emotionally and physically.  Freedom to me represents hope.  Hope for something new and better than the present.  There is nothing that entraps us more than our personal pain. The last few months our physical freedom has been curtailed due to the pandemic. I have heard from many that old symptoms have returned, and some are experiencing new ones. In a world full of emotional unrest, our bodies absorb and react.  A symptom is a way the body communicates when it needs to alert us when it’s out of balance.

          Are you listening? How are you protecting yourself?

          As movement begins within our living areas and we venture out into the world again, the best armor is knowledge. Through my personal experiences, I have always found knowledge to be the “bolt cutter” to break through questionable chains.  Whether it’s our physical bodies that need to break through challenges, or if mentally we need to break through an ingrained thought process, there is nothing more freeing than learning a new way to deal with an established situation.

          Change can be challenging in itself, but it always leads to a new vision.It’s a feeling of wanting to break free and self protect all in the same motion.  For me, it was always easier once I understood the ‘why’ behind my actions. In fact, the biggest game-changer was the realization that I could be proactive in managing my health, instead of managing the disease.

          I put my learned knowledge and years of personal experiences, into a series of classes that have become monumental in helping people get to the next level of Self-care.  The success in Self-care is two-fold:

  • The first step is to be proactive with the daily necessary changes that need to be done. Usually, you are guided by an expert, in this scenario, meaning me, on the dos and don’ts of an eating outline in order to overcome a health issue.The mere compliance of the personalized instructions usually creates results.  

  • The second step is to understand why the eating outline you were given works. This step requires one to be proactive with observation, learning, and creating good habits. This second part of Self-care creates the basis for health management toward living a daily healing lifestyle.

In July I am inviting you to register for my Healing Lifestyle Technique Classes. To those who have participated in my counselling and coaching program, you are qualified to participate in these Lifestyle Training Series.  There are two levels:  The Basic and the Advance.

  • The Basic Series of 4 classes, educates on food energetics, balancing meals, cooking and cutting techniques, and digestive supportive cooking, using seasonings and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

  • The Advance Series of 4 classes, educates on complementary food combinations, macronutrient ratio for personal needs, reading your body for self-analysis, and creating healing lifestyle sustainability.

This is an opportunity to take your wellness to the next level.

          What kind of freedom would you experience should you accept an invitation to apply your intelligence and ambitions into a  true Self-care movement?  Discover what it feels to have less pain and to ultimately live free from illness and dis-ease. To break free from the old stories that hold us back, the physical limitations of an ailment, or the isolation in fear will require us to have hope and faith. Like the image we chose for our July’s theme – be the bird who in the dark of dawn will fly out into the sky to begin its day because it has a deep knowing that the sun will come.  True Freedom awaits us all.


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