Cooking Class: 08/29/20

YOU CAN HEAL YOU brings the monthly seasonal cooking class to our SPECIAL EVENT on SATURDAY AUGUST 29th!!!

See flyer below!

** Venue change: New venue – Rau-Wood Retreat Center 8687 Harding Pike, Nashville**

Don’t miss out!  

Relevant Information, Stimulating Discussion and Delicious Super Foods!
All-day workshop in person–$90  early Bird $80 by August 15th (lunch included)
All-day workshop online –$62.00
Only Cooking demo in person – $50 lunch included
Only Cooking demo online –$22

Participate in online streaming or in person and hear the Macrobiotic experts’ perspective on our ability to overcome a novel virus and what it could take to live freer.



Who is in Control Corona or You?

Do you understand the difference between bacteria and virus? This workshop is focused on empowering you with the knowledge to disperse fear and confusion around COVID-19.

It will provide tangible and proven information for self -care techniques on how to best support immune function. The venue will allow for questions and discussion.

Workshop Outline-

10 am to 11.20 am – How to protect naturally from infections in the world of COVID-19.

  • Differentiating the dangerous and benefits of bacteria and viruses.
    • Breaking the Code
  • How to diminish Antigens and Increase Antibodies
    • Our body IS the best defence
  • What is the role of good nutrition during any pandemic?  
      • Fine-tune quality and quantity of phytonutrients. 



11.30 to 1:30 pm- Food choices and preparation techniques to optimize Immune function.  ginny

  • Identifying the proper superfoods for the best fighting power.
  • Cooking techniques to enhance food absorbability
  • How consistent and conscious cooking creates sustainable health.

1:30 – 2:00 -Light Lunch


2.15 to 4 pm – Unexpected blessings of COVID-19. A Social and Environmental discussion. 

  • Questioning the media
    •  Using common-sense
  • Personal responsibility
    • Sustainable living
  • Homeschooling
    •  A new normal
  • Awareness of government overreach
    • Fine-tuning your filter
Workshop / Cooking Demo Sign-Up

Copy and paste the email below after you click to register:

Subject: RSVP – Greg Samples Aug. 29th Workshop


All-day workshop in person–$90  early Bird $80 by August 15th (lunch included)
All-day workshop online –$62.00
Only Cooking demo in person – $50 lunch included
Only Cooking demo online –$22

Covid-19 Defense Cooking Class

11:30-am to 1:30 pm – Strategy: It’s in Your Food Cooking Demo.
$50/ In person $22/ online (zoom) if  booked separately from the workshop

Now just hit send!

Thank you!


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