August 2020

We recognize August as the last month of the summer.  The signal that summer is ending used to be the beginning of the school year.  Now due to the many changes that have challenged the normality of life as we know it, even that event does not serve as a clear sign anymore.
In my past August newsletters, I would guide you toward slowing down and to direct the energy inward just as we see and feel the season beginning to do.  But, due to these past few months’ developments, we were forced to slow down as a society already.  The busyness rug was pulled out from under us, therefore, making us question and making us live in the moment more than ever before in this lifetime.

The measurements we depended on that gave a sense of control over our lives have now been shaken.  We have been forced to stillness. And, yet while that might be unsettling to some of you, it is an opportunity to go inward, to connect with your inner guidance, to have the clarity come from within. 
As the sun sets, our eyes naturally adjust to the changing evening lights. In the same way, our being has the natural ability to adjust and keep adjusting as we need to.  It is the lack of resistance that makes the path tolerable even delightful.  It is about creating peace within the chaos. 
I know for me the more knowledge I gain about the situations that present themselves, the better life-enhancing choices I am able to make. The more still I get from the frenzied of constant activity the better I adjust. Someone commented to me, “I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time on being anxious at the beginning of lock-down, I would have enjoyed the peace and quiet more”.

What if you were able to function from that higher awareness and manage life from your deeper self? I think a lot of creative energy would be expressed instead of fear, doubt and uncertainty.   
Now as nature ushers us into that time of year, brings us to the last sunset of the summer, how will you adjust to outside circumstances that seem to be static?

I have put together a one-day workshop that promises to be enlightening informative and encouraging.  Empowered with answers and proactive details, you can feel more confident in making choices that will impact this next season positively.

Please review the one-page flyer in this newsletter for the details and join us live or online for a stimulating session on August 29th.

See you then…

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