Mobile Macro Meals Club: May 2019

Mobile Macro Meals Club Begins Thursday May 2nd and ends Thursday, May 30th. There will not be meal delivery on Monday 27th for Memorial Day. There will only be 8 delivery meals this month in total.
Our new schedule for cooking and delivery will be Mondays and Thursdays.

In the spirit of spring renewal, I am happy to announce the better and bigger Mobile Macro Meals service!
We are moving to a bigger space!

So, what’s’ changing? The location, the containers, the bags, and the look!
What’s not changing? The high-quality delicious healing balanced foods, the dedicated delivery service, and educational support.
What should you do? For those who are already a participant of the MMM service, you will receive an email explaining details.If you are new to our program please email for details on how to participate.

Beginning April 4th this month we will start cooking from our new space.  Our new schedule for cooking and delivery will be Mondays and Thursdays. There are 9 days for meals this month.  Please specify which days and how many meals on each day you would like.

Club Member Testimonials:
Thanks very much to you, Virginia, Niles, and everyone involved in creating and delivering these fabulous healing meals.

Mary Nell Bryan

I love the meals! Not only are they home made, but they are healing!

Delicious Gourmet Meals delivered right to your front door!

Fresh and Delicious Macrobiotic Meals Prepared Weekly
Virginia Harper, author of Controlling Crohn’s the Natural Way and founder of You Can Heal You, is pleased to present a weekly and bi-weekly healing meal plan for pick-up or delivery. Now you and your family or friends can conveniently enjoy high-quality seasonal macrobiotic meals prepared fresh.

Why join the club?
You will receive vegan, gluten free meals that are prepared with seasonal ingredients by a trained chef.

You will enjoy having a full meal up to 2x/week with generous portions that allow for leftovers delivered to your home or office.

You will experience and learn what a seasonal balanced meal looks like.

You will receive the weekly menu posting.

Contact: with any questions or comments.

Click Here to Join The Club

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