July 2017

July, considered mid summer, symbolizes independence. Independence to me means to be  “freed” from pain and disease.

Living fully conscious, in the moment and with intention can bring about the independence we all seek from being tied to a life-interrupting condition.
Seasonal cooking brings on the awareness to our environment . Being aware allows us to notice what is being offered by mother earth and what cooking method or food combination is best to sustain our heath during a certain season.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches us that summer belongs to fire energy. Fire is symbolic of maximum activity or greatest yang, which means that it is a time of heat. In summer, indigestion can easily occur, so a light and less-greasy diet is strongly recommended. It is the perfect season to introduce some cool, yin foods into your daily choices.

Chinese nutrition classifies food according to its energetic qualities of temperature, taste, and ability to moisten and strengthen the body. Food with cool and cold properties can clear heat, reduce toxins, and generate body fluids.

This months cooking class will focus on cooling foods and preparation. I will talk on how to adjust for summer cooking as we take advantage of summers bounty.


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