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Welcome to Facebook YCHY Macrobiotic Connect:

Two new Facebook groups created to help you on your path to wellness.  In a culture where all our socializing  surrounds eating and food, its often a great challenge when you have to create an environment of self-care that requires specific activities and focused eating individualized for you. Now you will have the opportunity to interact with those who will understand and encourage you as you continue forward. Whether its words of hope or sharing a recipe and cooking tips…it will make your journey lighter.

1.College Macro 101 is designed to help teenagers and college students as they take self responsibility in creating a health supportive life. If you have committed to a macrobiotic lifestyle and need the support, motivation and encouragement this it the group for you. You can learn, share and gain ideas in preparing tasty meals and tips while managing life on the go.

2. YCHY Macrobiotic Connection- This group is designed to help adults feel part of a community of doers as yourself. Whether you have been led or thrust into making a drastic lifestyle change; this safe and encouraging venue will give you support. Questions, answers and ideas are all welcomed as an effort to create a one peaceful community.
Both groups will be monitored by someone just like you- ” living the macro lifestyle.” We are all experts in our own healing. 
Virginia will make herself available for occasional comments and guidance.


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