Brain Tumor

“Why don’t you give it a name?” my friend suggested. Of course, I thought, this tumor has come to me as a teacher and we will get along better as partners than his adversaries. From that day on, the tumor in my brain became Maud.


I am writing to let you know how much my family and I truly have done to heal our sick son Jacob. As you know, Jacob was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Relying on potent drugs was all we could do to alleviate the pain.


Although my father began eating macrobiotically, I didn’t begin until I came to Boston in June, 1983, where I had my first macrobiotic consultation and was given a completely different way to eat right away.


For everything you have done for me, I could never adequately thank you; however, I have included a very small token of my appreciation. What it lacks in its value is hopefully made up for in sentiment, though!s


Seven years ago, this January, I began the greatest challenge of my life. My husband, Larry, our oldest daughter, Lauren, and I were sitting in an oncologist office at a prestigious cancer hospital in Boston, being told I have Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, an inoperable, metastatic, incurable disease of the lymph system.


She visit Ginny Harper who is into macrobiotic cooking and shiatsu massage. After a few visits, Margaret noticed her energy coming back and her personality being revived.


Learning about and living the macrobiotic lifestyle had been one of the greatest experiences of my life. It transformed me into a more enlightened, healthy individual. It not only changed my life, it’s saved my life.


In August, 1986, I had just turned 37 and was thoroughly enjoying my life. And then the bottom fell out. After a grand mal seizure that sent me sprawling onto an asphalt tennis court, many hospital tests, and two surgeries, I was diagnosed as having a grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma.  


A friend of mine, Mary Anderson, had been telling me for a while that I should give her best friend, Virginia Harper, a call as she felt sure that she would be able to offer me some hope through an alternative approach –  Macrobiotics.

CROHN’S / IBS (stress, fertility)

Mimi Lange Johnston I was born premature, weighing 3lb 3 oz. I spent 1 month in an incubator before being discharged. I had all the usual childhood illnesses–chickenpox, mumps, scarlet fever. I began having Crohn’s symptoms as a teenager, but didn’t go to the doctor about it till my mid-20s. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s […]

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