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As you continue to monitor your health, I often recommend a few tried and true tools to support you as your condition changes. The supplements listed below are the ones that I personally have found to work most effectively during lifestyle transition while implementing a balanced nutritional program. I never recommend something I haven’t researched and tried myself first. To ensure that you have access to these products when you need them, we’ve compiled this product page so you can confidently place re-orders from home.

Some of our product partners offer special discounts to friends of You Can Heal You — just check the product descriptions on this page for coupon codes!

It’s always about giving back and passing it forward with our blessings in our lives. The opportunity to associate myself with quality products and ethical companies that would help support my mission was a no brainer! Simply using the “Buy” buttons on this page as the starting point for placing your orders means the non-profit foundation near and dear to my heart will receive substantial support from product sales, which in turn allocates funds toward program development and scholarships for Kids Healing Crohns & Colitis.