September 2022

September is considered the fifth season.  Until the 23rd of September, when the fall equinox marks the beginning of the fall season, late August and early September are considered late summer.

The weather begins to change to where we feel the heat during the day and coolness at night. 

Chinese medicine, along with the macrobiotic lifestyle philosophy, make us aware that our relationship with nature is not just about the changing weather, but also how the body responds to the laws of nature around us.

This time of year, the middle organs in our bodies are stimulated to cleanse and regenerate.  The stomach, spleen, and pancreas need to be supported to function at their maximum ability. 

When they are balanced, your blood sugar, hormones, and digestive acids function efficiently.  The benefit is that you feel energetic, mood-stable, and nourished.  When not in balance, you may feel nausea and pain when you eat and may often feel moody.  It’s time to wean off the summer fun foods and nourish yourself with more substantial meals.  It’s as simple as knowing what to eat for what your organs need.  When youlearn to change your eating habits seasonally, your body responds with vibrant functionality.  Who doesn’t want to feel good all year round?

In this month’s cooking class, I will teach the most important foods to introduce this time of year and how the stomach, spleen, and pancreas can best be supported.  You will learn how to identify issues in these organs, and how simple food therapy can reverse these symptoms. 

I will demonstrate the importance of cooking techniques for late summer, and how it is not only what foods you choose, but also how you cook them that makes a difference.

Does a late summer casserole dish pique your interest?
Join us this Saturday for a late summer menu as we bid farewell to summer and welcome fall.


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