May 2022

May is named for the Roman goddess Maia, who oversaw the growth of plants. Maia was considered a nurturer and an earth goddess, which may explain the connection with this springtime month. The name also comes from the Latin word maiores, “elders,” who were traditionally celebrated during this month. Elders are honored for their life wisdom and are deserving of care and gratitude for all the service they provide to family and community.
This month is also celebrated for Mother’s Day. The highest calling in life is to nurture another living being. I have been blessed being raised in a household of strong women. Women of resilience and strong convictions who were emotionally expressive of love. From grandmothers to aunts to mother and sister, we all had nurturing as part of our strong Spanish heritage. Now, as a grandmother myself, I want to pass that family lineage onto my daughter, daughter-in-law, and three granddaughters.
This time of year breathes birth and growth. The birds nesting and the gardens budding show us that earth is in its natural nurturing vibration. 
When we think about our bodies, our gut is the nurturing center of our being. This where nourishment is metabolized and nutrients are directed to support the rest of our bodies. The liver is the strongest filtration ogan we have. The liver determines what the intestines, pancreas, and stomach will digest. Its directs the nourishment into the intestines.
Have you noticed a change in your digestion this spring season? 
Constipation, bloating, irregular bms, and heaviness in the middle part of your body are just a few of the signs showing that the liver is working a little harder this time of year.
There are specific foods and food preparations that will slow down an overactive liver or stimulate an underactive liver. 
Which do you need?
In this month’s Seasonal Cooking Class, I will discuss and demonstrate some foods and cooking techniques to tone your liver.
For example, the sour taste is a great way to support the liver. Therefore, continue drinking that room temperature glass of lemon spring water first thing in the morning. Your liver will love you for it!

Come and join us on Saturday, May 14 to learn how to help your liver energy move freely, utilizing the featured taste of sour.


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