December 2022

As the year comes to an end, we may have a checklist that’s essential for us to finish.  
It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I see my intentions being fulfilled.
After quarantine was lifted, this year became a steady build-up of activity, both with work and socially. It’s been a year of building momentum. 

I’ve been cognizant of respecting my energy now that I am back in full swing. I realized during the respite how much my body and mind needed that break. My whole body was replenished.
Now, as we near the winter solstice, with the nights getting longer and the days getting shorter, it’s time to consider resting. In particular, resting your energy center, which in Chinese medicine is considered to be the kidneys and adrenals. 

In the Macrobiotic lifestyle, we respect seasonal changes by adjusting our eating patterns and cooking styles to support the organs during each season. Wintertime motivates the kidneys, adrenals, bladder, and sexual reproductive organ systems to reboot and replenish.  

Let’s take the adrenals, for example. The most powerful antidote for sluggish adrenals is rest and sleep. It only takes 20 minutes of being in a prone position for your adrenals to reset.  So grab your favorite book, unpack your cozy blanket, make a cup of apple juice kuzu to sip on, and allow yourself the time to embrace rest. 

We have two adrenal glands located above the kidneys. They are responsible for many activities in our body, including blood pressure, mood, and energy, being the main ones we are aware of.  One of the hormones produced by the adrenals is cortisol. The way your body presently manages the production of cortisol determines how your energy will maintain during the day and how well you will sleep at night. Your cortisol should be higher in the morning and diminish as the day progresses, and It should not dip excessively mid-day.  If you are feeling a slump around 2 pm, it may be a sign that your cortisol is insufficient to carry you through your day. However, if you are having trouble winding down and going to bed, it may be a sign that cortisol is too high. 

In this month’s Seasonal cooking class, I will focus on adrenal health and how to support it through foods, cooking techniques, and exercise.  It’s important to identify adrenal “symptoms.” I will give you the risk factors to look for and simple everyday antidotes to avoid adrenal fatigue. One of the main risk factors being chronic stress. Chronic stress can alter the secretion of cortisol. Join us on Saturday the 10th to discuss reducing risk factors and nurturing adrenals.

The delicious menu is a Holiday meal to help support you through this festive season.

So remember to take a few minutes to yourself during the decorating, shopping, and baking. Gift it to yourself.


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