Cutting Technique Class

Sunday, May 21, 2 pm to 4 pm  $30 in-person / $25 streaming.  Learning knife skills will keep you safe in the kitchen. This class teaches you how to choose and care for an appropriate knife for culinary tasks. Learning to cut vegetables properly is essential for the best outcome when following recipes. Cutting vegetables in the […]

May 2023

May, the last month of the spring season, means we are still highlighting springtime. You can enjoy more outdoor activities as the days get warmer and longer–the benefits are many. Pick the cooler time of day and allow the sun to nourish your skin by providing vitamin D. Let the air purify your lungs with […]

April 2023

Two redbuds are blooming brightly in my yard. They withstood the storms and the late snowfalls and are now showing themselves through their beautiful color. Just like the redbud, I withstood a long winter and now embrace and enjoy springtime’s splendor. Our bodies mimic nature. Just as nature goes inward to rest and restore before it can flourish in its abundant bloom, so do we. […]