Author: Margaret Anderson

In early 1996 I lost a very close family member. This person had been seriously ill for two years, during which time I was the primary caregiver. Following that death, my blood pressure began to rise and I couldn’t seem to focus on life. My medical doctor gave me medication to correct 

the problem. It did not work. He doubled the dosage twice – it still did not work. My regular visits to the chiropractor gave me temporary relief, but not lasting. One day the chiropractor gave me Virginia Harper’s name. I had met Ginny a year earlier at a Macrobiotic Seminar, and though receptive to her, I did not get involved at the time. I called Ginny and began Shiatsu massages and Macrobiotic cooking classes immediately. Within a couple of weeks I began to feel more alive and backed off the blood pressure medication. Since that time, my blood pressure has stayed within a normal range. We eat well and feel great! My husband is very supportive and complementary. Even our adult children and grandchildren are enjoying this diet, which really helps when we come together for family gatherings.